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From the original gambling dens to the extravagant and entertaining gambling resorts on The Strip in Las egas and Monte Carlo and those in the virtual world, casinos have come a long way. You can now enjoy playing at an online casino right from the palm of your hand while on the move. Microgaming Casino brings you the best microgaming mobile casino for your iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Yes, mobile gambling has become an increasingly popular way for players to engage in some finger tapping entertainment. All you need is to download the microgaming mobile app and you are good to go. At a mobile casino you can use the browser in your smartphone to play without the need to download any game.

Microgaming has designed and released their own mobile gaming platforms compatible with the different types of mobile operating systems. Whether you wish to play progressive slot games on an Android device or blackjack on your iPad, you will find exactly the type of games at a microgaming mobile casino. The mobile platforms supported by mobile casinos include:





Windows 7 Phone

Microgaming has teamed up with Spin3 to offer a choice of standalone games from the Spin

Lite platform and a fully operational mobile casino, the Game

Wire platform, built with Java technology. These games can be played for free or real money.

How to Install a mobile Casino

Gaining access to a mobile gaming suite is simple. Those with an older mobile phone must visit the mobile casino site, insert their telephone number and request a push message that will be directly sent to the handset. Players with newer models of smartphones simply need to scan the QR Code on the website or get an online casino app free from the App Store.

Most Microgaming mobile casinos offer iPhone and iPad compatibility and do not need an app. Simply visit the website, register for a new account, make a deposit, and then log in at the online casino with your mobile. Games can be accessed directly from your browser without the need to download or install any software or app.

Microgaming Casino takes you to the most reliable mobile casino platforms that use the highest levels of security. These microgaming powered sites are fully encrypted to ensure that all financial transactions and personal details of every customer are never compromised. Many transactions are processed in real time and credited instantly to your mobile casino account. Microgaming’s mobile application is a highly-secured platform where sensitive data is encrypted using various standard protocols. The back-office system and game-play transactions are protected using a secure tunnel (SSL 1024 bit) for all communications.

If you plan to open a mobile casino account, we recommend that you create an account from your PC and make a real money deposit. Once your account is set up you can log in from your mobile device. This is a convenient way to establish your account.

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